Vol 46 No 1 (2020): Herald of Pancreatic Club
Herald of Pancreatic Club

ISSN 2077-5067

DOI prefix: 10.33149

Frequency: quarterly

Publisher: Redbiz the Laboratory of Medical Business, Ltd

Focus and Scope: etiology, pathogenesis, clinic, diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic diseases.


A. A. Litvin, S. V. Korenev, E. N. Kolokoltseva, V. S. Denisyuk, S. B. Rumovskaya
Biological diagnostic markers and pancreatic cancer risk factors in patients with chronic pancreatitis (literature review)
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N. B. Gubergrits, N. V. Byelyayeva, G. M. Lukashevich, T. L. Mozhyna
Secrets, puzzles and mysteries of macroamylasemia
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Yen-Chih Lin, Chew-Teng Kor, Wei-Wen Su, Yu-Chun Hsu
Risk factors and prediction score for chronic pancreatitis: a nationwide population-based cohort study
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L. V. Vinokurova, K. A. Lesko, D. S. Bordin, E. A. Dubtsova, E. Yu. Tyulyaeva, G. G. Varvanina
Differential diagnosis of pancreatic diseases: new approaches in laboratory and radiologic diagnosis
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N. S. Gavrilina, L. Yu. Ilchenko, I. G. Fedorov, I. G. Nikitin
Combination of obesity and malnutrition in a patient with chronic alcoholic pancreatitis (case report)
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Ya. S. Tsymmerman, L. G. Vologzhanina
Drug-induced liver injury and liver injury during pregnancy: pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment
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V. I. Podoluzhniy, A. B. Startsev, I. A. Radionov
Need for pyloroplasty and vagotomy in case of perforated duodenal ulcer
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D. K. Karimova, G. N. Sobirova, M. M. Karimov
Risk assessment of pathological conditions caused by circulating H. pylori strains
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G. E. Samoilenko, R. P. Klimanskyi, S. O. Zharikov, V. V. Makhnik
Role of endoscopy in diagnosis and treatment of gallstone disease complicated by the pathology of the extrahepatic bilary tract (literature review)
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N. B. Gubergrits, N. V. Byelyayeva, A. Ye. Klochkov, G. M. Lukashevich, P. G. Fomenko
Drug-induced liver injury: from pathogenesis to treatment
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N. B. Gubergrits, N.V. Byelyayeva, T. L. Mozhyna, G. M. Lukashevich, P. G. Fomenko
Effect of ursodeoxycholic acid on lipid metabolism: through the prism of evidence from 2019.
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