Vol 40 No 3 (2018): Herald of Pancreatic Club
Herald of Pancreatic Club


A. A. Litvin, A. A. Filatov, S. I. Sychev, A. S. Prokoptsov
New systems for assessing severity and predicting outcomes of acute pancreatitis
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N. B. Gubergrits, N. V. Byelyayeva, А. Y. Klochkov, G. М. Lukashevich, P. G. Fomenko, V. S. Rachmetova
Enzyme replacement therapy, life quality and expectancy of patients with chronic pancreatitis and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
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O. S. Zemlyak, L. S. Babinets
Metabolic acidosis as an important factor of pathogenesis of chronic pancreatitis
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J. Tu, J. Zhang, L. Ke, Y. Yang, Q. Yang, G. Lu, B. Li, Z. Tong, W. Li, J. Li
Endocrine and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency after acute pancreatitis: long-term follow-up study
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T. M. Hristich, D. O. Gontsariuk
Chronic pancreatitis in patients with coronary heart disease: a lipid spectrum of blood, a possibility of correction
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T. V. Dibina, A. P. Koshel, Y. S. Drozdov, S. S. Klokov
First use of ultrasound elastography in differential diagnostics of pancreatic cystic lesions
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Y. S. Tsimmerman, L. G. Vologzhanina
Gastroesophageal reflux disease: current state of the problem and prospects
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E. Y. Plotnikova, Y. V. Zakharova, T. Y. Gracheva
What is common between functional dyspepsia and bacterial overgrowth syndrome
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N. B. Gubergrits, K. Y. Linevskaya, K. A. Voronin
Clinical observation of thinning of psychogenic genesis after colectomy
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