Vol 42 No 1 (2019): Herald of Pancreatic Club
Herald of Pancreatic Club

ISSN 2077-5067

DOI prefix: 10.33149

Frequency: quarterly

Publisher: Redbiz the Laboratory of Medical Business, Ltd

Focus and Scope: etiology, pathogenesis, clinic, diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic diseases.


A. A. Litvin, S. I. Sychev, A. A. Miroshnichenko, Y. A. Kolokoltseva
Pancreatic diseases register of the German society for general and visceral surgery
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N. de Pretis, A. Amodio, L. Frulloni
Hypertriglyceridemic pancreatitis: epidemiology, pathophysiology and clinical management
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G. Zsóri, D. Illés, V. Terzin, L. Czakó
Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in type 1 and type 2 diabetesmellitus: do we need to treat it? A systematic review
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N. B. Gubergrits, N. V. Byelyayeva, A. Y. Klochkov, G. M. Lukashevich, V. S. Rakhmetova, P. G. Fomenko, A. V. Yurjeva, L. A. Yaroshenko
Modern concepts of sphincter of Oddi pancreatic dysfunction
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D. O. Hontsariuk, T. M. Hristich
On the peculiarities of nutrition of patients with chronic pancreatitis in remission
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O.R. Shayhen, L.S. Babinets
Etiological significance of the hepatitis C virus among other infectious factors of chronic pancreatitis
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T. G. Gevorkyan, I. A. Feinstein
Elimination of pain syndrome in patients with advanced pancreatic head cancer
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Y. S. Tsimmerman
Peptic ulcer disease: a critical analysis of the current state of the problem
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E. Y. Plotnikova, Y. V. Zakharova
Antibiotics as modulators of the intestinal microbiota: between good and evil
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N. B. Gubergrits, N. V. Byelyayeva, A. Y. Klochov, G. M. Lukashevich, V. S. Rakhmetova, A. V. Yur’yeva, L. A. Yaroshenko
Halitosis syndrome in clinical practice
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N. B. Gubergrits, N. V. Byelyayeva, G. M. Lukashevich, P. G. Fomenko, A. V. Yuryeva
Substantiation of using the ursodeoxycholic acid in the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
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