Vol 49 No 4 (2020): Herald of Pancreatic Club
Herald of Pancreatic Club

ISSN 2077-5067

DOI prefix: 10.33149

Frequency: quarterly

Publisher: Redbiz the Laboratory of Medical Business, Ltd

Focus and Scope: etiology, pathogenesis, clinic, diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic diseases.


N. B. Gubergrits, N. V. Byelyayeva, G. M. Lukashevich, L. A. Yaroshenko, A. Ye. Klochkov, A. V. Yuryeva, K. N. Borodiy
News of European Pancreatology (based on the materials of the 52nd meeting of the European Pancreatic Club)
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N. B. Gubergrits, N. V. Byelyayeva, T. L. Mozhyna, N. E. Monogarova, K. N. Borodiy, A. V. Yuryeva
Pancreatic steatosis: a giant step forward or recognition of ignorance
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N. B. Gubergrits, N. V. Byelyayeva, T. L. Mozhyna
Bile acids, non-alcoholic fatty liver and pancreatic disease: chained by ursodeoxycholic acid?
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O. Yu. Usenko, V. M. Kopchak, I. V. Khomiak, A. I. Khomiak, A. V. Malik
Duodenum-preserving pancreatic head resections for surgical treatment of paraduodenal pancreatitis
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O. V. Rotar, I. V. Khomiak, V. P. Polioviy, V. I. Rotar
Bacterial overgrowth syndrome of upper parts of gastrointestinal tract in acute necrotizing pancreatitis
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N. O. Shevchenko, L. S. Babinets
Efficacy of antiinflammatory and metabolic bioregulation in complex therapy of chronic pancreatitis with the inflammatory changes of gastroduodenal zone organs
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T. N. Khristich
Chronic pancreatitis: what should be considered in diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis
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T. M. Pasiieshvili
Klotho protein as a mediator of antioxidant defense in young people with gastroesophageal reflux disease and autoimmune thyroiditis
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