Сlinical case of pancreatic cancer
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pancreatic cancer, diagnosis, surgical treatment, clinical case, vascular anatomy

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Kankia, M., Jikia, I., Mtskherashvili, G., & Cucxubaia, G. (2019). Сlinical case of pancreatic cancer. Herald of Pancreatic Club, 44(3), 50-53. https://doi.org/10.33149/vkp.2019.03.05

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Description of a rare case of pancreas body tumor, which was grown into celiac trunk, is presented. The patient was saved due toanftomy of right hepatic artery, which was a branch of superior mesenteric artery.

Patient Z.V, 60 years old, came to the clinic with such complaints as pain, heaviness in abdomen and waist area,weakness.4–5 cm tumor of pancreas body was detectedduring surgery. The tumor had grown into celiac trunk and into left adrenal gland.

The friable tissue of hepato-duodenal ligament was dissected duringthe surgery.Thesurgeons mobilized duodenum usingKoxertechnique. As a result of this manipulation, the followingblood vesselswere visualized:inferior vena cava and abdominal aorta, celiac trunk, superior mesentericartery. Surgical team opened ligament of Treitz and excisedpancreas body2.5 cm away from thetumor proximally. The stump was sewed with “mattress stich”, celiac trunk was sectioned and entangled, surgeons also dissected common hepatic artery. After section they checked blood supply of liver. The pressure of blood flowing from gastro-duodenal and pancreato-duodenal artery was enough for providing normal blood flow in the left hepatic artery.

Morphological result of the excisedtissue — Ductal adenocarcinoma (No 672).

The patient’sstate was satisfactory when he left the clinic. He underwent medical check-up three times next year. He feels well, his state of health is normal. Patient is capable of working.

This case is interesting due to the anatomy of right hepatic artery (which was a branch of superior mesenteric artery) that saved patient’s life.

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