Statistical characteristics of number and structure of hospitalizations and treatment of patients with acute and chronic pancreatitis in the surgical departments in Kemerovo region
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acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, epidemiology, surgical treatment, mortality

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Podoluzhniy, V. I., Pelts, V. A., & Radionov, I. A. (2019). Statistical characteristics of number and structure of hospitalizations and treatment of patients with acute and chronic pancreatitis in the surgical departments in Kemerovo region. Herald of Pancreatic Club, 43(2), 47-51.

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Aim. Determine the number of hospitalizations and treatment of patients with acute (AP) and primary chronic pancreatitis (PCP) in surgical departments No 1 and No 2 of the Regional Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medical Care n. a. M. A. Podgorbunsky (Kemerovo) and surgical departments in Kemerovo region from 1993 to 2017.

Methods. A comparative analysis of the number and structure of treatment of patients with AP over two decades was carried out. Number of PCP surgeries in the Regional Hepatology Center after 1995 was comparatively analyzed.

Results. There was an increase in number of average annual hospitalization of patients with acute (primary and secondary) pancreatitis over the past decade by 79.7% (incidence 64.3/100000 and 125.3/100000), as well as increased number of surgeries for PCP. In urgent patients, mild pancreatitis occurred in 76.8%, pancreatic necrosis — in 23.2%. Those who had destructive pancreatitis underwent surgery in 15.1% of cases. Mortality with pancreatic necrosis reaches 7.9%. Over the last decade, compared with the past one, 26.4% more patients were operated on for PCP. Pancreatic resections were performed in 22.5% of cases, draining anastomoses were installed in 65.4% of surgical cases.

Conclusion. Over 23 years, the number of hospitalized patients with AP has increased statistically significantly. 3.5% of hospitalized patients were operated on (15.1% with pancreatic necrosis). Mortality upon pancreatic necrosis reached 7.9%. AP is viewed as a predictor of chronic pancreatitis, there is a clear upward trend in the number of surgeries for PCP.
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